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With the development of cosmetology, many opportunities have appeared for women in the form of complex care of their bodies, elimination of certain imperfections of the skin using ultramodern methods, which can include both sparing and more intensive methods.

The intensive struggle of women with signs of aging led to the development of a number of procedures and complexes for the face, which are injections.

Although this method is associated with penetration through the skin barrier, but it is quite effective and fast acting.

Injection cosmetology involves the introduction of various substances that have a certain effect on the skin and eliminate problems for a long time.

Onabotulinumtoxina Injection Photo

Hyaluronic acid

The procedure for the introduction of this substance by injection is carried out for a long time, it has become very popular among the fair sex with its highly effective action.

This is not surprising, since this acid is capable of:

  • reduce the number of fine wrinkles and depth more significant;
  • correction of the contour of the face (chin, cheekbones), eyelids and lips;
  • increase the elasticity of the skin of the face, hands, neck, decollete;
  • to get rid of imperfections of the skin (acne, post-acne) and rejuvenate it, anti-sucking properties are manifested.

44 Year Old Man Treated With Botox By Dr Peter N. Butler, MD, Pensacola Plastic Surgeon

For the above purposes, a different concentration of the drug is used, and the depth of administration varies. The effect is noticeable usually after the first procedure. In this case, Reneall or Princess Rich can be used. It is recommended to use hyaluron-containing drugs after reaching 35 years of age.

Prior to this use other means containing this acid. To determine how many injections of hyaluronic acid is needed for the face, you should consult a specialist beautician who will determine the next steps and will sound the number of sessions.

Restylane Silk Injectable Gel

The number of them ranges from 3 to 10, for the entire course and directly depends on the places of their administration and the state of the skin before the procedures begin.

Perhaps, you will not only need injections. Mesotherapy for facial skin involves the introduction of hyaluronic acid with a mesoroller (there are variations in the length and number of needles on the drum). More details you can read in the article: What is hyaluronic acid and how it is used.

Also used are mixtures with the addition of collagen, various vitamin complexes, with amino acids. Thus, biorevitalization is performed.

75 And Up Year Old Woman Treated With ArteFill With Doctor Landon Pryor, MD, FACS, Rockford Plastic Surgeon

The effect lasts from six months to two years, it all depends on the individual characteristics. Radiesse has a similar effect, which is close to the naturalness of hyaluronic acid.


Externally, the visible facial rejuvenation occurs with the help of botox injections (the name of the active substance is botulinum toxin). It is aimed more at sculpting the face, rather than introducing the megapole substances under the skin to maintain its beauty and youth.

Mesosculpt C71

Botox acts as a blocker of susceptibility to nerve impulses, because of this, muscles lose heightened tone and cease to contract, which produces smoothing of wrinkles.

Using the drug should:

  • if desired, get rid of wrinkles (age wrinkles, mimic, for example, around the eyes);
  • if necessary, lift the face oval.

The latter effect can remove the jawls on the face, which becomes obvious in older women. It is not recommended to apply up to 30 years old. The long-awaited result will be visible one week after the procedure. The amount of Botox injected depends on the number of wrinkles and the area of exposure.

Dr Harry V. Wright, MD, Sarasota Facial Plastic Surgeon – 42 Year Old Woman Treated With Restylane For Rejuvenation Of The Lower Eyelids

Bruises do not remain at the injection site. The effect of youth lasts up to six months. If you need a facelift without injections, that are becoming popular serum.

For example, they include BrilliAns, as a safe and painless therapy.

Injection of collagen

Another popular type of injections, which are introduced to those who wish to get rid of the signs of aging. After all, the amount of this substance in the body directly affects the appearance of the skin.

Botox Forehead Crease

These injections contribute to:

  • elimination from age spots, post-acne;
  • removing scarring and facial wrinkles;
  • reducing deep wrinkles, eliminating small ones, for facelift.

Filling the lack of collagen in the skin, the injection produces an instant effect, which can last up to six months.

Although the action is not particularly long, such manipulations can stimulate the development of its own substance in the body, which will favorably affect the overall skin condition. It is recommended for women over 35 years of age. Before this, collagen-containing agents are used.

Doctor Victor Chung, MD, San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon – 47 Year Old Woman Treated With Juvederm

Collagen injections lead to elasticity and smoothness of the skin. Its introduction occurs by means of injections in necessary sites of the face, a zone of a decollete, a neck. Both artificial and natural species are used.

At the same time, the former are able to cause allergic reactions, which can not be said about a natural product. For one course does not apply a large number of injections – to 5. After the time they are carried out again. Often used as facial beauty injections after 50 years. A bright representative is the preparation Collost.


Dr. Larry Lickstein, MD, Fairfax Plastic Surgeon – 30 Year Old Woman Treated With Dysport

Rejuvenation at the cellular level occurs precisely from injections with peptides. In the presence of skin problems, such as wrinkles, pigmentation, loss of elasticity (flabbiness), sessions of administration of this compound are used. There is biorevitalization, which is carried out as mesotherapy.

The active impact is directed to such processes:

  • activation of regeneration, skin elasticity, synthesis of intercellular substance;
  • optimization of antioxidant protection;

For the optimal effect of peptides on problem areas, it is possible to select purposeful methods:

Restylane Fynesse

  1. for the reconstruction of the dermis;
  2. for bleaching;
  3. for immunomodulating and anti-edematous effect (Timalin preparation);
  4. for exposure to a similar botox.

Also with it, you can get rid of recent acne, scars, heal inflammation and heal wounds. Modern fillers contain peptides as the main active substance. It is popular in use by women who are 35 years old. A popular drug is Aquasaine, which contains both peptides and hyaluronic acid, and coenzymes, amino acids and vitamins. And Laennec has a similar action, but is a placental hydrolyzate. These drugs are injected into the skin.

Injection of vitamins

Dr Landon Pryor, MD, FACS, Rockford Plastic Surgeon – 55 Year Old Woman Treated With ArteFill

Treatment of a multitude of skin problems can occur through the introduction of a skin inside the vitamin with a different spectrum of action, eliminate many cosmetic problems. With a shortage of vitamins inside the body, troubles with the skin will become noticeable, which can be expressed as:

  1. redness, peeling, increased work of the sebaceous glands, acne, freckles and the like;
  2. a sharp increase in the number of wrinkles, flabbiness of the skin, the grayness of the cover, swelling under the eyes and dark circles below them, traces of acne;
  3. expansion of pores and appearance of “black spots”.

Botox Injection In Forehead

All possible problems that can arise due to the lack of these elements, not listed. Lacking vitamins, which are individually necessary, select a qualified beautician. Can be appointed as a pure (injections of ascorbic acid or vitamin C), and as complexes (a cocktail of the right vitamins, minerals, for example, zinc).

Popular and such deficient for the skin are vitamins A, E, C, K, B group. They are the best helpers in the fight against imperfections of the skin if they are injected under the skin by the method of injections. The course is conducted from 3-5 sessions, once a year or two. Can be used when reaching 25 years of age.

Dr. Joel B. Singer, MD, New York Plastic Surgeon – Sculptra Treatments

Vitamin injections can also cause negative consequences, especially if there is an allergy to one of their components.


A modern method for combating many skin imperfections, which can have rejuvenating properties. Ozone therapy is used as one of the components of the complex for skin care, it can include facial massage, placental masks, pilling.

Doctor Ran Y. Rubinstein, MD, Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon – Sculptra Liquid Lift

Ozone therapy are conducted in the amount of 5 – 10 sessions, their amount is set by a cosmetologist. The possibilities of this therapy are:

  • rejuvenation and care;
  • fighting acne;
  • antikuperoznoe and anti-burn effect;

Ozone therapy does not have any period of effectiveness, since it has a healing character, and not a temporary cosmetic one. Widely used even from adolescence. It is also used for body correction.


51 Year Old Woman Treated With Botox With Doctor Maria Atkins, DO, Portland Physician

Almost in all the above possibilities of “beauty injections” they have contraindications, in the presence of which it is worth not to use them.

Are they harmful? No, if you follow a few rules. Namely, do not apply for a procedure if:

  • there is an allergic reaction to the components of the drug;
  • in the body there are inflammatory processes or there are viral diseases, oncology;
  • pregnancy and lactation, blood diseases;
  • problems with the nervous system (epilepsy).

All possible negative consequences or contraindications for each injection procedure for a person is discussed individually with a specialist who will conduct the session.

The consequences of neglecting the rules can be varied: from peeling and redness to purulent rashes and itching.

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