Facial Injections Q&A

Injections, which are often called “beauty injections,” are designed to solve the problems of aging skin, eliminate fine and deep wrinkles, and correct cosmetic defects.

What is it?

Injections, often called “grafts” of beauty, are designed to solve the problems of aging skin, eliminate fine and deep wrinkles, and correct cosmetic defects.

There are several so-called “injections” and each of them is capable of doing miracles. Time, any of them takes not so much, and the effect is noticeable in a few days.


19 Year Old Woman Treated With Juvederm With Dr Gabriel J. Martinez-Diaz, MD, Chicago Dermatologic Surgeon

Let’s start the story with mesotherapy, officially recognized in 1987. The procedure is a microinjection of individually selected rejuvenating cocktails.

Mesotherapy can solve many problems: tighten the skin of the face, neck and decollete; improve the face oval and the condition of the eyelids; to eliminate fine wrinkles; make less visible postnatal stretch marks, lighten the pigment spots, reduce the amount of cellulite.

Mesotherapy is also used for the treatment of acne, the removal of post-acne scars, chronic dermatoses, warts, herpes, tinea and alopecia. Very effective mesotherapy as a means of rehabilitation after plastic surgery.

Special technology allows you to enter medicines directly at the destination. This effect is achieved not only through pharmacological action, but also due to mechanical stimulation of the skin with a needle.

49 Year Old Woman Treated With Dysport By Doctor Jeff Angobaldo, MD, Dallas Plastic Surgeon

The composition of cocktails, the dose of drugs, the method of administration and frequency of sessions are determined by the doctor personally for each patient, taking into account his age and individual characteristics.

Those who are afraid of injections, you can recommend needleless mesotherapy on the apparatus Oxy Megastation. Active drugs are delivered to the deep layers of the epidermis under the pressure of pure oxygen.

During the procedure, the client experiences the most pleasant sensations. Oxygen provides an easy relaxing skin massage, has analgesic effect, relieves burning sensation, and also has immunostimulating and regenerating activity. The production of collagen also depends on the presence of sufficient oxygen.


23 Year Old Female Treated For Lip Augmentation By Dr. Jason Emer, MD, Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon

Now we are talking about facial wrinkles. It is known that facial expressions are the “silent speech of a person”. The most important function of mimic muscles is the function of non-verbal communication, the transmission of human emotions, and, conversely, the concealment of emotions.

Sometimes mimic folds appear already in youth as a result of emotional stress or hereditary predisposition, and in men more often than in women. They increase with age and can not be controlled by effort of will. Constant tension of facial muscles can lead to the appearance of headaches and is a risk factor for the occurrence of certain neurological diseases.

To combat the “rays” in the eyes, forehead and nose, modern cosmetology offers injections of Botox. The procedure is painless and takes no more than 20 minutes. Prolonged persistent relaxation of tense facial muscles, on the one hand, leads to a smoothing of the skin folds, on the other – it allows the person to get used to controlling the expression of the face. At the same time, there is no atrophy in the muscles, as their blood supply is preserved and innervation is gradually restored. By the way, Botox is also used to correct excessive sweating.


24yr Old Woman Treated With Botox With Doctor Spencer Berry, MD, Fargo Family Physician

If you are concerned about wrinkles in the nasolabial area, they can be removed with the help of gels: Perlayna, Restylane and Juviderma. These well-proven injectable implants are based on hyaluronic acid, which is the physiological component of skin tissues that maintains a local level of moisture.

Their molecules have a high biocompatibility with the human body. For greater comfort the doctor offers local anesthesia in the form of an anesthetic cream. Treated areas should be gently massaged immediately after the injection. For several hours after the introduction of the gel, it is recommended to avoid excessive tension of the facial muscles.

And now let’s move on to such well-established myths and legends that exist on the Internet.

Beauty injections-myths and reality

Above we talked about the fact that the term “injections of beauty” is covered with a halo of secrecy. There is a huge amount of myths about beauty injections that do not have any serious and scientific basis. Let’s look at a few basic myths.

Myth #1 Dependence on beauty injections

35 Year Old Male Treated For Jawline Contouring By Doctor Jason Emer, MD, Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon

It is not true. The injections of beauty do not cause physical addiction. In their composition, there are no drugs that can be addictive.

The effects of drugs are limited, molecular structures eventually break down and completely disintegrate in the body. Addiction can arise only if the patient himself inspires the idea of the regular conduct of these procedures. That is, in this case everything depends on the adequacy of the patient.

Myth #2 Beauty injections are only botox

This is not true. As you can see from the above, beauty injections are a common name for injection techniques of rejuvenation. Also, there are whole groups of drugs used to correct skin defects, and Botox is not at all among them the first violin. Botox is used to correct wrinkles in the upper part of the face, hyaluronic acid is used to eliminate nasolabial folds, and reinforcement based on mesonites is used to restore the oval face.

Myth #3 Fillers injected into the forehead, get into the brain and worsen the work of the brain.

This is a very funny myth. Naturally, this is not so. Such drugs as hyaluronate, hydroxyapatite of potassium are part of our body and are present throughout life, for this reason they can not do any harm.

30 Year Old Woman Treated With Voluma With Dr Ava Shamban, MD, Santa Monica Dermatologic Surgeon

The organism perceives these preparations as “native” and does not reject them. They are removed from the body without any consequences. Polylactic acid is a fruit acid, which is a part of many fruits and berries that we eat, which means that it is also not capable of harming a person’s health.

Botulotoxin is indeed a poison, but in this case, the dose of the injected preparation is of great importance. In order to cause a toxic reaction in the patient, the body needs to enter a dose that is thousands of times greater than cosmetic.

Myth #4 Beauty injections can only be carried out in old age

It is not true. Beauty injections can be done starting from the age of 30 years. Everything depends on the desire of the patient and the recommendation of the doctor – cosmetologist. In life, there are various unpredictable situations, when the holding of beauty injections is considered expedient even at a young age.

Dr. Landon Pryor, MD, FACS, Rockford Plastic Surgeon – 54 Year Old Woman Treated With ArteFill

For example, in cases of a serious illness and uncontrolled weight loss, damage to the skin as a result of irradiation with UV rays, with a genetic predisposition to early wrinkles.

It is strictly prohibited to conduct injection procedures for persons under 18 years of age, and in other cases, with the recommendations of a medical cosmetologist, it is entirely permissible.

Myth #5 Beauty injections give a long or permanent effect of the procedure

The doctor who approves this causes serious fears, and it is necessary to escape from such promises. In modern cosmetology, drugs are used, which are subsequently removed from the body or completely destroyed. The injections with a long effect can be very dangerous and lead to terrible consequences. For this reason, all substances used in beauty injections act for a certain time and are excreted from the body, even if it is a question of native (natural) hyaluronic acid.

Myth #6 Beauty injections are very painful

Dr Mitchell Schwartz, MD, South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon – 57 Year Old Woman Treated With Sculptra

It’s not like that at all. Injections of beauty are carried out by the thinnest needles, and the amount of the injected preparation is minimal.

Yes, there are some slight sensations in the form of tingling, but they are not intolerable and quite tolerable, and for those with a high pain threshold, anesthesia is performed.

On the basis of all of the above, we can conclude: by themselves, injections of beauty is a great achievement of modern science in the fight against cosmetic skin defects. This is a remarkable invention of scientists, able to give youth and beauty in adulthood.

Do not be afraid of injections of beauty, and it is worth knowing that they represent and apply to qualified professionals. After all, it is important who and how does these injections.

The success and safety of the procedure depends on the experience and competence of the specialist. For this reason, care should be taken to select a cosmetology clinic and a cosmetologist. Remember again, it’s not the injections themselves that are scary, but amateurishness and fraud.

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