Juvederm Reviews

– I just had Juvederm filled in my nasal folds on Friday. So far, I’ve been disappointed. The office did not give me literature on the product nor gave me instrucitons for before or after of what to do/not to do. I have bumps/lumps and it looks like a thread has been threaded in my skin with beads every so often. I’m concerned.

Will this go away and will it dissolve and smooth out or will I look like someone strung a necklace of pearls under my skin? The left side was injected with more Juvederm and it’s not as bad with the bumps – it’s just one thick line and I did bruise moderately on the that side. I’m feeling like I should not have done this procedure at all and I’m not sure if the bumps will go away. If they don’t, then what? I’m hoping for the best, but it’s been 2 days and I’ve not seen the bumps do anything but stand out.

18 Year Old Woman Treated With Juvederm By Dr Justin Harper, MD, Columbus Physician

– I had juvederm four days ago to plump my lips and I’m very disappointed. I’ve had bad bruising on the right side of my lip and have several bumps on the inside of my lips. Its causing a lumpy and swollen appearance. after four days the bumps have not subsided. Its painful and very uncomfortable. My doctor did not tell me about the lumps or the bruising but simply prepared me for swelling for two days maximum. I am worried that the bumps won’t go away. I would not do this procedure again.

– I had Juvederm done on Monday to plump my laugh lines out and I now look worse than when I started. I have that string thing too with bumps along it. It looks like someone scratched me directly on my laugh line and has 3 pimple -looking bumps attached it it. I can’t even cover it with make-up.

On the other side I have a red bruise. I hope this goes away!!!!! I will never try injections like this again. This was my first time and last!!!! Are you trying anything to get rid of the swelling. I bought some arnica gel which is supposed to help with the bruising and swelling.

28 Year Old Woman Treated With Juvederm For Lip Augmentation By Dr. Parker A. Velargo, MD, New Orleans Facial Plastic Surgeon

– I had the same experience a couple of years ago but with Restylne. There is something they can do. I dont know the name of the chemical but it comes in a vial like Juvederm and it is injected into the area of the bead and it dissolves it.

– The great thing about Juvederm is that it can be dissolved easily unlike the other fillers. I used to work with a doctor and spent all day assisting him pumping lips up, or smoothing out folds. I have to say after having Restylane injected into my own lips, that it does take more than afew days until you feel normal again. My lips felt all bumpy and hard. I almost started to regret what I had done because i felt they would always feel like that but, thankfully after a couple of weeks i felt like i hadnt had anything done at all. It will take a while for your body to settle down so dont worry. Alot of the swelling comes from the dumbing injection not from the product so if your feeling brave 🙂 and want little down time from work I would suggest skipping that. Ask your doctor if he has a zimmer machine(blows out ice cold air) or simply numb the area with ice right before he injects. Its makes the world of difference in the recovery time and also the doctor can be more accurate in where he puts the product because the numbing injection will swell you even before he begins.

31 Year Old Woman Treated With Juvederm For Lip Fullness. With Dr Karan K. Sra, MD, Webster Dermatologist

– I just had the juvederm done on my lips. They are naturally thin. My friend is an RN and did it for me. I think it’s who does the injections that make the differance. my lips look amazing. Fuller and I look younger. I did have a little bump but went away. I am so thriled

– I did have restalyne in my n.folds and it was great but felt a bit harder then juvederm. I just recently got juvaderm in my lips and n.folds and I couldnt be happier, it looks amazing and feels and looks so much smoother. It wasnt as painfull either(it still hurt a bit dont get me wrong but not as much)

– I just had Juvederm done last night around my nose, lips, chin and laugh lines. I am soooo bruised on my chin, looks like I was punched out!! I also bought Arnica gel, and I sure hope it works, I can’t even cover it up with makeup. But I don’t have the string thing with bumps, just the bruise. The things we do to fight age…..

68 Year Old Woman Treated With Juvederm Vollure Smile Folds And Marionette Lines With Dr. Ronald Shelton, MD, Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon

– I had the Juvederm done on my laugh lines and lips and they came out incredible. Mine was performed by a plastic surgeon (in the office of course). I had VERY little bruising and was able to cover it with make-up the same day it was performed. The slight discoloration only lasted for 2 days. No bumps or swelling.

– I had Juvederm injections at the corners of my lower lip to remove some lip wrinkles and the bruising was so horrible it literally turned BLACK for over five days! Two months later, I still have purple discoloration patches on both sides of my chin. I would NEVER EVER do any facial injections again and I would not recommend it for anyone. The unknown factors far outweigh the silly small benefits of normal facial aging lines. hmmmm … a few wrinkles versus purple discoloration patches …

Doctor Jennifer Trent, MD, FAAD, Sarasota Dermatologic Surgeon – Juvederm XC Juvederm Voluma

– The good news is that the bumps/lumps will disolve and disappear over time and smooth over. The problem is not with the product(either Juvederm or Restylane) but with the practioner who is injecting the product. I have experienced the same thing because the Doctor was inexperienced with the product. The next time I found a board certified plastic surgeon who knows what he is doing and have had perfect results for years with Restylane and now with the Juvederm. When I asked my Doctor why his injections didn’t cause the “thread,” he said that it takes skill and an artistic hand when injecting the area. While I pay a little moreq I feel it is worth it to get the maximum benefit possible from the product.

– One should always make sure that the person doing the injecting is board-certified. Definitely should be a physician who specialises in these procedures. The quality of results are determined by the quality of the person doing it. I have used restyland and juverderm and have never had the bumps. The physicial smoothes out the lumps and bumps before I leave the office. You can also do a bit of ‘smoothing’ yourself for the first couple of days.

– I had it done 2 years ago and a just now getting ready to repeat the procedure.I had a lot of bruising, but it’s worth it.This time I cut out the St Johns Wort and Vitamin E so it should reduce the bruising. Find a good Derm or Plastic surgeon. It makes all the difference.

Dr Arianna Sholes-Douglas, MD, Tucson OB-GYN – 30 Year Old Woman Treated With Juvederm

– I just had Juvederm injections yesterday to help mitigate creases in the corners of my mouth and the early signs of “marionette lines”. Immediately post-injection I was very pleased, but within 4 hours I developed swelling and lumpiness. It’s been 24 hours now and the left side has improved greately, swelling is down and the large lumps are now small and can only be felt, not seen. The right side is still noticeably swollen and with large lumps, though as with the left side the lumps can only be felt, not seen. I’m hoping this is just part of the temporary swelling. I have great sympathy for the prior posters because I know how they feel ! I am drinking lots of water and am considering using warm compresses to help reduce the swelling. I’m also going to do some ‘net research to find out if perhaps gentle massage will help. One comment about Juvederm in the lips … I had my injections done at a highly respected plastic surgeon’s office where he and his assistant made the decision to use Juvederm instead of Restylane because of the better staying power. They told me they would not use Juvederm in the lips, I’m sorry I don’t remember why but perhaps anyone considering using Juvederm in the lips should do a lot of ‘net research or consult several physicians first before proceeding.

Juvederm Lips Bruising

– It has now been 4 days since getting the Juvederm injections. The swelling is almost completely gone. I have a bit of bruising, and I can still see the injection marks, not a problem as I know this will disappear soon. (I am very pale and any little marks are highly visible on me !) The lumpiness is greatly improved, almost totally gone on one side, mostly gone on the other. The lumps are not visible, they can only be felt. I read that with time and possibly massage too the lumps will go away. I am gently massaging the area several times per day. I am very satisfied with this treatment and product and plan to have it again as necessary. I will only be dissatisfied if the substance disappears too quickly (

– Those who have swelling, lumps, etc. are in the majority, and any doctor who tells you those type symptoms are rare is not telling you the truth. I guess telling a patient that 86 percent experience swelling might cause some loss of business. With the Internet, always do proper research. In the FDA study that eventually led to Juvederm being approved for use in the U.S. check the following (this was the test study of 439 patients being tested by the FDA.: What side-effects occur with use of Juvéderm? As reported in patient diaries, redness (93%), pain/tenderness (90%), firmness (88%), swelling (86%), lumps/bumps (79%), bruising (59%), itching (36%), and discoloration (33%) all occurred with significant frequency (percentages reported for Juvaderm 24HV), but at the same rate as occurred with the control bovine collagen injection.

– Today is Sunday and I had Juvederm injections on Wednesday to plump out marionette lines that are a family facial characteristic that I’ve hated my whole life. I actually used to sit in front of the mirror and place wet pieces of cotton inside my mouth to imagine how I would look without that permanent sad sack face. I had read about Restylane and had been considering the injections for the past two years and during prior visits had discussed it with my dermatologist. However, when I finally decided to go through with the injections, she said they had been using Juvederm since January since it was softer and more natural looking. The injection process was not very painful- I described it to my doctor as a 1-2 on a scale of 10. She used 2 syringes-about 1 ml on each side. I have no lumpiness at all. Maybe this is because my doctor masssaged the areas during the injection process to even it out. I am very happy with the result on the left side, no redness, no lumpiness, no bruising, no swelling– and it seems to have made a positive improvement on that side of my face. But at the moment I have no appreciation for the total look and certainly don’t feel like I’ve gotten much bang for my buck because on the right side, I have such severe brusing. The bruising is very dark and although it’s been almost five (5) days now, it has not faded at all. At the moment I’m pretty unsightly. The entire crease between my nose and mouth on the right side is a big blue-black bruise so the area being darker seems to recede somewhat, exactly the opposite of the point here. So, I can’t determine the effect of the injection on the right side or see the results as a whole. The bruising is so dark I can’t even cover it with my heavy duty concealer. Whether or not I would do this again depends on how long it takes the bruising to go away–(it will eventually go away, won’t it?) –and how long the injections last. I was told the effect would last about 9 months. The protracted healing process and the expense of the injections make doing it more often than that unfeasible for me.

– Two days ago I had a spot of Juvederm put under lower lip on both sides (in the litle divots) for some fullness as I am at the age where this helps. Swelling not bad ,BUT the black/ purple bruise on both sides where injected is horrible. Cannot cover up with any combination of concealors. The areas are red/purple today and have spread down to lower chin. Size of nickles. Using Arnica gel several times daily. I am house- bound. Can’t leave as it is so awful looking. Can anyone please give me advise on what I can do to improve bruises? Will they go away? This is going into day three. Procedure done by facial Plastic surgeon. Had Juvederm in upper lips this year that was fine .Only lasted 4 months,but no problems.

– Update on my juvederm bruising in area under lower lip. Did not use dental block. Bruising was horrible blu/black, but no swelling. Found out Arnica gel is not being used anymore because of poor results. I can agree with that! Was given new Arnica tablets to dissovlve under tongue (4 two x a day) This is end of day 4 and bruising still all way down to chin and can’t leave house as no concealer tried does the job. However, bruising same –turned a red/ blue color. I had fear of this being a permanent thing. Will not ever try this area again. Has anyone else had this experience? Just wanted to look my best for guests arriving in a couple of days. Now I will have to explain discoleration. Woe is me. Had Restylane in upper lip for a couple of years,but it did not last more than 2-3 months. Did not last any longer than collegan which was 1/2 the price. Juvedermm in upper lip lasted 4 months,but some lumpyness. Not as bad as the Restylane bumps. Juvederm for whole syringe is good for 3 treatments or almost 1 yr.

– I had Juviderm injected into the nasolabial creases (which was minimal at the time-almost unseen, WHY did I do it?!), but I read such favorable reviews of Juviderm thought I would try it. It has been 2 days & the bruising (dark red/purple on both sides, plus at the edge of each side of my mouth-looks like I was beaten up!) Anyway I was not given ANY before or aftercare instructions-I was shocked. I made the appt. a month ago-I really thought they would send me information like other Dr.’s do before your appt. I have gotten most of my information on the Internet, which the office (when I called them after the procedure)told me was “not the best place to get it”. I HAD to-they are not that friendly or caring, so I hate calling them. Will this bruising go away? Plus, I was never told to stop aspirin, or any of the supplemental blood-thinners & I take them all! (Omega’s, fish oil, baby aspirin-all of it), so namturally that has made it worse. I am hoping for the best-the ofice did tell me once, “Just be patient” so I am hoping it will go away. I read it can take up to 14 days-if I have to stay inside till atleast the bright red goes away, I will..hopefully I can cover SOME of this up..it’s bad! I am going to try Dermablend-which thank God my husband said he will go get. I can also feel the thread, plus a few bumps-but have read & been told this will all straighten out by itself within 2 weeks. And if something has to be done again, the Dr. can dissolve some of the product or inject a little more to make it ‘right’-I do not want more, tho! If someone has had this problem, please let me know how they are doing!! I need some hope here that all will be o.k. The Dr. didn’t just ‘massage’ as I was told he would-he pressed so hard it hurt-bruised me even worse, even on & in my mouth! This was by a board certified plastic surgeon, too. Any comments would be greatly appreciated-thanks! The office told me this all was ‘normal’, but since they gave me absolutely NO real information…I HAVE to rely on the Internet. I was out the door as soon as I was injected…never again!

– I had Juverderm done in Pa. at the University hospital there.
He did 2 syringes, and I really did not like what I saw. It wasn’t so much the bruising. It went away. He just shot it all in the nasolabial folds. spelling? I felt like I had 2 cotton swabs stuck in my face. It altered my smile slightly, and made my face look fatter. I’m surprised they didn’t tell you not to take Vitamin E or baby aspirin. Too bad. But your bruising will go away.
This time, 2 years later, I had one syringe of Restylane. I am very pleased. It’s not perfect, but I would rather take one syringe now, and wait a couple of months, and do the other, or even wait another 6 months. My Dr. did exactly what I wanted, even tho she wanted to do under my eyes *NO NO!! and on my cheekbones. I said no, and told her to concentrate on the mouth and chin line. I am very pleased, and think the key is to go slow and have a little done at a time, even if you have to go back a couple of times. To me, I don’t look so tired and haggard.

Doctor Vilma Di Maria, MBBS, Melbourne Physician – 51 Year Old Woman Treated With Juvederm


– I had juvaderm 3 days ago. Although the nurse stated she noticed difference, I really did not. I still don’t .

– I had very noticeable nasal lines, and had juvederm two days ago. I can’t see one bit of difference. I’m disappointed.

– I had Juvederm yesterday and have no brusing. I do have a small bit of swelling on both sides. The area I had done was the nasolabial fold which went down to the corners of my mouth. There is a definite improvement. But I went in thinking I can get away with one, maybe two vials. The dermatologist who I’ve been going to and trust, told me he thought I needed three vials. So he did two and showed me the results. I then saw the improvement but wanted more area done so got a third vial. I think that’s the trick, to have enough injected. I had a dental block done which wasn’t very painful so the injections were a breeze, no pain. My advise is to go to a very skilled dermatologist or plastic surgeon and spring for a bit more so you’re happy.

– I had Juvederm end of September and now, almost ten months later, the results are still good. The overall effect, I think, left the area injected a bit too lumpy but not bad. I will have it again but will ask that he try smoothing out the area more asa he injects to see if that will eliminate the problem. I went to a dermatologist that does my Botox and though he’s young, he’s pretty good. I got a dental block so the injections did not hurt. I am satisfied overall.