Botox Horror Stories

– I had botox last week, August 27. For the past few days I, also, have had “flu-like symptoms.” A fever of 99-100, every joint in my body aches, and I feel terrible. Extremely tired/low energy, and I am taking B-complex and Emergen-C . . . thus far, to no avail! I, too, am wondering how long these symptoms will last! I have a huge trip planned for the end of September, and am traveling alone, so I surely do not want to feel like this!!! Anyone have any hope that these “symptoms” are temporary??? And no, I haven’t been taking antibiotics, nor have I been around anyone with the flu, no one I know of, anyhow. I seem to be the only one I know who is feeling this way, so I have been wondering if it is the botox. What a drag. Spending all that money and feeling like this? I sure would appreciate a little hope from you folks that this is “transient.” Now I am starting to feel “anxiety.” Who wouldn’t when you wonder whether you’ll feel like this for three-four months??!!

34 Year Old Man Treated With Botox By Dr. Joshua Lampert, MD,FACS, Miami Plastic Surgeon

– my side effects (insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, flu-like symptoms, nausea etc etc etc) were AWFUL for the first few weeks but they had basically gone away by about the 4-5 week mark.

– I had first ever botox for 11 lines nearly 2 weeks ago. Felt awful – headachy, stiff neck. Over weekend have had flu-like symptoms, sinus “infection”? (never had one before). Eyes small and puffy – face looks awful. My main question is when others have experienced these things, how long have they lasted? Flu-like symptoms and puffy, small eyes might take different lengths of time to resolve. Feels as if it will be hard to tolerate feeling (and Looking ) like this for months….

– I had similar side effects to you and they started to go away after a few weeks. By the end of week 5 I would say they had fairly well vanished. (My physical appearance is still hideous from the dreaded cheek ptosis, but that will take months to resolve.) Hang in there – the yucky side effects don’t last as long as the botox.

36 Year Old Woman Treated With Botox With Dr. William Marshall Guy, MD, The Woodlands Facial Plastic Surgeon

– i had a botox injection 3months ago and my symptoms were like u at first but they disapeared gadually but still i suffer from nausea.i am really disapointed of getting well.actually i cant do anything because of this feeling.i was wonderig may be u can answer me in the best way. i wanted to know did u have such a nausea and how long did it last….

– I guess I should let everyone know that the fever spiked as high as 102.4, and went away by last Tuesday, Sept. 8. It was completely gone by that afternoon, and other than feeling sorta weak, no other symptoms. No stuffy nose, cough, nothing, so I am almost 100% certain it had to be the botox! Well, at least it’s gone now! ANd it all seems to have “kicked in” so at least I may see some result for the “humbug!”

38 Year Old Woman Treated With Botox By Doctor John McCann, MD, PhD, Sandy Oculoplastic Surgeon

– We’ve hit the 5th week mark of my mom not being able to get out of bed. I went to take care of her over the weekend, I noticed little or no improvement in her energy levels and pain.

– Remember that botox and other injectables are a multi-million dollar industry and these doctors have a vested interest in protecting it. They have to keep saying how safe botox is or less people would use it. Also, not enough people report their adverse side effects with botox to the relevant authorities. This enables the medical profession to continue to deny they exist. Please take the time to report this. I did. I know that my report on its own did no good whatsoever but if every person with the same complaint about botox side-effects reported them to the FDA then it would become impossible to deny it. More importantly, if the medical profession was forced to accept that these side effects are real then perhaps there might actually be some TRAINING for doctors about how to manage the side effects appropriately (and therefore there would be some proper assistance for your Mum). Please let us know how she is doing and if there has been any improvement.

70 Year Old Woman Treated With Botox By Dr Farhad Rafizadeh, MD, Morristown Plastic Surgeon

– I received a botox shot on my forehead and a few days later came out with a large swollen gland at the top of my neck at the bottom of my hair line. I had to be put on antibiotics. No more botox for me because I was fine before I received the shot

– I also have had Botoc x one weeka go and have had flu like symptoms and headaches since and no energy and nausea…so i am beginning to think that thsi is indeed a case of cases being under reported. Since ihave been on this site for only a matter of minties and i am findign all kind sof issues that poeple are haivng. indeed i am sure that there are many others who have no adverse problems- but lets be real here – we are having reactions and it doesnt seem to be so very rare. As the doctors suggest. i hope that this is going to be something that others can learn from- i am sorry tha ti went through with this procedure its a learning experience for sure

Botox 200 Units

– I had botox about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I am also experiencing a flu like symptoms. This is my second time getting it done however, the flu like symptoms feels more severe. I have light headedness and it has triggered my sinus issues. This will be the last time I take botox. It sure is not worth it. I would rather have good health.

– I have changed my mind about getting Botox treatments and will recommend others not to do so. I am looking into the laser rejuve treatments that are more costly, but appear to be much more safe.

– nearly two weeks ago i got the furrow lines btwn brows and some “smile” lines at corners of my eyes injected with Dysport. 18 hours later i was feeling a bit off and i noticed this strange bag puffing out where my eye hollow connects up to the cheekbone. I NEVER have had a bag there. By the next day my eyes puffy and bags were one both sides of my face. Oh but it gets worse, MUCH worse. Now if I move my cheek up a bit there are these horrible bags next to the puffy points. The skin crinkles over onto itself. Crinkles and bags I NEVER had before. Is this Ptosis? Is there anything I can do? I have a scary smile now, so I don’t Oh and then there’s the heavy onset flu like symptoms and SINUS trouble with a bunch of fatigue and exhaustion. So Do you think EVeryone get this but just sucks it uP? This seems like a definitive toxic reaction to me. I just don’t want to wake up in a couple weeks worse and suddenly not able to breathe… A couple days ago OMG these muscle aches and I’m SO IRRITABLE and PIssy. Yes, 4 days ago I went through a bizaaro panic phase. Valerian, passionflower, oatstraw infusions/teas/tinctures really take the bite out of the fright. Oh and INSOMNIA?? Thanks all. Please let me know if I can get rid of these hag bags. Funny when you think i spent the money to put my “best facefo rward” in interviews. Last week i was sure noone would hire me looking like that but it’s gone down a bit but not pretty people.

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– I had botox injected in my neck for cervical spasm and am having severe flu-like symptoms that have aggrivated my asthma. Is there any information out there about how long these symptoms might last?

– The first time I had Botox, the side effects hit on Day 5. At first, I thought it was the beginning of a flu. But a flu never materialized and instead, I experienced dizziness, an extreme impulse to sleep (so bad in fact I hid in classrooms throughout the day just to catch a few moments of sleep) and what can only be described as a “thick headedness” feeling accompanied with a mild headache. After 3 days the feeling went away and I was back to normal. I had never experienced those feelings before or since.

Botox Forehead And Frown Lines

– I had Botox on Friday Night and by Sat morning I was sick, puking all day. It is Tuesday evening and I still don’t feel right. No appetite, bowels are a black color, just very odd. I do think there is a link between my flu-like symptoms and the botox!

– I first had Botox several years ago, first time I got a migraine right away but the botox gave me no results. I called Dr and went back 2 weeks later and he re-did it..before I was home I had to pull over and vomit. For the following week I had chills, fever and the works. The botox did NOT deliver any results this time was on fine lines on forehead. A year ago I got Restylane in other areas and no problems so I asked this Dr about the Botox reaction. She said she had never heard of it! So I got brave and did a little bit, got the migraine, no results again and didn’t go back! Since then I had some major surgery and wanted to try botox just between my eyes and my plastic surgeon said it would not make it sick that i must have already been sick! Welll..I had it again with NO RESULTS EXCEPT the next day I had broncitis then starting gettin the flu..I knew it..had to be the botox…went to ER I was so Sick, they did flu test and I did have the flu not just symptoms and no wrinkle results. Botox must have something in it that gives some people the flu, not many maybe but some of us! I am convienced Botox is poison for some of us and there needs to be warnings on it…

Botox With Dr Suzanne M. Quardt, MD, Palm Springs Plastic Surgeon

– I had botox last saturday march 20th and for the last 5 days i have been feeling progressively unwell. I had botox once 7 months ago and had no problem at all. I started to feel very tired on Sunday, with a heavy head.Feels like a blanket over my head. Monday morning I called in sick to work as my whole body was aching beyond belief. I had lower back pain and what i can only describe as ‘bone pain’ down through my legs to my calves.Total body weakness. i just took painkillers and stayed in bed cos I thought it would just pass that day. Tuesday felt utterly exhausted and couldnt get out of bed at all.The weakness in my arms and legs feels distinctly odd. I cant make a strong fist.Weird.Scary. Slept sporadically that day.Dizzy. Reading is impossible. No appetite at all.Nausea big time.Wednesday, I get up early and get ready for work even though I am feeling so weak still. A bit dizzy. I cant afford more time off work!! I have a cup of tea, bathe and get dressed. I am rushing a little like you do in the morning, but then I start sweating profusely, and overwhelmed with nausea, actually start vomiting.I look up at myself and see i have sweat through my pink shirt – not the armpits, just everywhere front and back!!I decide to relax for a bit then try to leave for work. I managed to get just 6 miles down the motorway before I had to turn off into a gas dizzy and limbs weak i felt afraid that I couldnt drive safely. I was scared on the road, like i might lose control or something.My car is automatic and you could drive it literally with 2 fingers and a toe but even that was too much for me.I called my boss and said i didnt feel right and was turning back.When I got back I crashed out for about 3 hours.i got up and felt the nausea still with me, along with the fatigue and sporadic sweating.then the diarrhoea started.Apols for the details but I just felt a little wind but clear watery fluid just gushed out. NEVER in my life has this happened.I’m still in shock over this.I think i’m definitely ill. Nothing was wrong before Saturday.Thursday now and i’ve not been to work for 4 days. Feel like a fraud cos who’s going to believe me, that I’ve had a reaction to botox?Is it a coincidence?Doc says it sounds like a virus.Cant find any info about how long this will last. I am feeling a very slight improvement, but still very weak.

Doctor John L. Burns Jr., MD, Dallas Plastic Surgeon – 47 Year Old Woman Treated With Botox

– I’m feeling the same way! I wake up in the middle of the night afraid to go to sleep because I can’t breathe & my limbs are numb. The doctors can’t find anything wrong and attribute it all to anxiety, which I didn’t have before the Botox.

– I had BOTOX injection in the glabellar region between my eyebrow on March 5, 2017. I am 36 and very active and healthy and literally hate going to the doctor and usually refuse unless I need refills on my thyroid medication. I got a very bad sinus infection within a couple of days of the BOTOX. I started noticing I felt ill and tired, fatigue, weak, dizzy, nauseated, racing heart, stomach ache, difficulty breathing. In short I thought I was dyng. I went to my doctor a couple of weeks ago and got a urinalysis and blood work – all fine. Then last week I thought I was having a heart attack becuase of the tightness in my chest and the racing heart. I went to the emergency room and they did an EKG, more blood work to check heart enzymes and cholesterol, blood sugar, potassium, chest X-ray….all fine. Last night after a couple of beers with friends I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I used my husband’s asthma inhaler because I felt like my airway was tight or something, couldn’t get enough oxygen. Then as I way laying there trying to sleep hoping I wasn’t going to die in my sleep it hit me. All of these strange symptoms began right after I got Botox injections. I will never EVER get them again and I will not let anyone in my family get them. Beware of botox! PS. I have read the Milk Thistle or other types of “cleanses” such as kidney or liver cleanses can literally “clean” the BOTOX out of yoru system. I am definitely going to try it to see if my symptoms will improve.

Botox Forehead Creases Before And After

– I experienced all the same symptoms as you and then some. My heart still races. I also have a weak bladder and sensitive stomach now. Did you also experience a dry mouth, especially a dry tongue? It is now day 6 since I had my Botox treatment and it has absolutely scared me to death. I too ended up in the ER. I am now on steroids and some other Rx’s.

– I got botox dysport on mon april 12th. Sat the 17th I woke up with a heavy burning chest. Not my usual on-set of a flu bug. Went to work very concerned about my chest. by that evening my chest had gotten worse, very congested and coughing violently. Stayed in bed sunday getting more flu like symptoms: head ache, sore throat, body aches,insomnia, anxiety and weak. so bad got up early monday went to the doctors to get cough syrup and antibiotics(amoxicillin 875mg) And no I did not mention the botox dysport. I have had the original botox twice before with little to no side effects. This is my first try with botox dysport. I feel extremely sick and very anxious. It’s wed and I’ve been in bed since sunday. I do believe its the botox dysport since the on-set was so extreme in my chest. I have read on line not to take antibiotics with botox that it can make symptoms get much worse. I’m so scared I will lay off the antibiotics until I think the “peek” botox has worned down.

Botox For Treatment Of Frown Lines With Doctor Michael A. Zadeh, MD, FACS, Sherman Oaks General Surgeon

– two years ago, I was invited to a Botox party. I was injected in my forehead area. That night I went to bed and awoke with severe anxiety and flu like symptoms – achy, nausea, etc. Couldn’t figure out if I was anxious because I didn’t feel well or just anxious in general. (Very much not like me). Anyway, couldn’t go to sleep and realized it was the Botox shots! Had to go to work the next morning, so I took three advil – felt much better. Even though I could definitely use Botox on my forehead, I will never subject myself again to those side effects. From what I’ve read here, I was very lucky that my symptoms were temporary. There is no way anyone can convince me my symptoms were not related to the Botox shots. After reading all of these comments, I feel that the Doctors are hiding this information from their patients. I have friends who get botox regularly and have no side effects. For some reason, my body doesn’t like it, and I am going to listen to my body – not plastic surgeons!!! Am wondering if restalyne would be safer with little or no side effects.

‘Brotox’ Botox Before andAfter Overall Result Before By Doctor Angela Champion, MD, Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

– I had botox 2 weeks ago today and I have been feeling very nauseus and unwell ever since. I take anti depressants.

– I was injected with Botox in my neck seven weeks ago and still cannot raise my head at the sink to wash my face. I cannot hold my head up for any length of time and bending my head over is very painful.

Eating and swallowing is also a challenge. I wear my food a lot. This is terrible pain and suffering. I think the Botox treatment is the source of my problems. I am scared that I might have permanent damage to a muscle or muscles in my neck.

The doctor told me these side effects will go away but after seven weeks of torture I am beginning to wonder. Don’t see how I could ever use this stuff again. Has anyone been successful with the milk thistle used to cleanse the Botox from your system. Someone mentioned that this might work to get rid of the toxin. I have been told that there is nothing I can do to remove it.

36 Year Old Woman Treated With Botox By Doctor Thomas J. Walker, MD, Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

– I had botox injected into my neck muscle after a whiplash 9 days ago. I too cannot bend my head over the sink, it is so stiff. I developed flu like symptoms, cough, sinus and a feeling like a lump in my throat and have difficulty eating, my mouth won’t open fully. I am so tired and lacking in energy and at times worried. Whilst I do not have the severe pain anymore the reactions I am having since the botox has definitely put me off having it done again. The doctor suggested I have Physio to loosen the neck muscles. This is my next step.

– My side effects started 4 days after the injection, muscle aches, extreme tiredness, chills, sore throat and dry mouth. Even my fingers are aching at times! I am now on day 8 and feel really terrible. Just wonder how long this is going to last.

Can’t believe it has cost me a fortune to feel like this. I would never have botox again I was not warned about the fact that this can happen, after reading about it on the net I feel people should be at least made aware that this is a real possibility.