Botox For Neck Bands Before And After

Neck improvement may be seen with BOTOX®.

Although treatment with BOTOX® for neck bands is an off-label use, some patients do see very nice results and enjoy a smoother look and feel after their appointment. It’s important to only visit a highly skilled injector, as the platysma muscle is quite thin and delicate.

Also, injections in the neck have to be delivered at a very precise depth, as there are many essential muscles in the area that shouldn’t be disturbed. Finally, remember that BOTOX® isn’t going to improve loose or hanging skin.

A neck lift can be performed to address neck bands and skin laxity simultaneously. (Joseph J. Castellano, MD, Tampa General Surgeon)

Botox Relax Neck Muscles

Botox on Neck Bands

Botox can work on neck bands with several caveats. First of all, it must be used with caution as there are vital structures of the neck near responsible for swallowing and speech. Secondly, botox can reduce the prominence of neck bands but does require a certain amount of units for an indefinite period of time.

Patients should weigh the pro’s and con’s of botox versus a more definitive solution such as platysmaplasty. Finally, results with botox in the neck is much more minor than a surgery. Botox is not a facelift in a bottle but can offer some improvement. (Anil R. Shah, MD, Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Botox Injections Work on the Neck Bands – but not on everybody

Botox is effective in treating neck bands only in a certain type of necks. If you have loose skin in the neck, botox will make it worse . So it is important that the Doctor who injects is experienced enough to decide if you have the right type of neck.

Patients initially experience a strange feeling especially when they lift the neck. But this soon settles down. (Naveen Somia, MBBS, PhD, FRACS, Sydney Plastic Surgeon)

Botox can sometimes be used to relax the neck muscles. Patients that have strong bands going up and down at the center of the neck and just to the side. Botox can relax those and become less noticeable.

Is not common. The lines get less visible by paralyzing the muscle just under the lines. Also, by relaxing some muscles like next to the orbit, it will allow the forehead muscles to pull up the brow, getting a brow lift. (Luis A. Vinas, MD, West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon)

Botox for platysmal bands photos