Botox Benefits Before & After

The benefits of Botox in cosmetic medicine to decrease facial wrinkling are numerous:

1. Fast results
2. Affordable
3. Safe
4. Easy to administer
5. Long experience of use

The only drawback to Botox from a cosmetic standpoint is that it is temporary.

Botox is also used for many other therapeutic reasons including muscle spasticity, hyperhidrosis (increased sweating), headaches, bladder problems, etc. New uses for Botox are always being discussed. (Naveen Setty, MD, Dallas Plastic Surgeon)

Benefits of Botox Treatment

Botox Face Wrinkles Benefits Photo

The benefits of cosmetic Botox use are widespread and include the fact it is a well-established, minimal downtime, economical method of controlling facial muscle movement for the purpose of treating unwanted lines and creases. The product has now been used for decades with an excellent safety record.

Having cosmetic Botox treatment is easily done over lunch with a relatively quick visible result that, if done well, is difficult to detect. Oftentimes, there are side benefits to having cosmetic Botox such as a chemical brow lift and relief of migraine headaches in many patients.

You would be hard pressed to find any patients who would not elect to undergo cosmetic Botox treatment having already had the procedure before. (John M. Hilinski, MD, San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Botox works by paralyzing the underlying muscles which relaxes the overlying skin. It is most effective in the upper face, but can have nice results when used appropriately in other parts of the face and neck.

Botox also blocks the mechanism of sweating, so it is often used to treat hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) in the axillae (armpits), hands, feet and inframammary (under the breast/chest) areas. (David Shafer, MD, FACS, New York Plastic Surgeon)

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