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A modern alternative to surgical intervention aimed at removing wrinkles and general correction of the skin around the eyes are injections of preparations containing a botulinum neurotoxin.

The procedure for the introduction of Botox and similar drugs is virtually painless, does not take much time, requires a minimum recovery period and completely eliminates women from wrinkles around the eyes.

The physiology of the process

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest, under it there is practically no fatty tissue, little sebaceous glands.

Support fibers of elastin and collagen have a rare mesh structure, which further promotes stretching.

The opening or closing of the eyes is responsible for the lateral or lateral part of the circular muscle. It has a colossal load.

Botox Around Eyes Are Specifically Used To Soften The Appearance Of Crow’s Feet

Over time, the circulation slows down, the muscle loses its elasticity and shrinks. Excess skin is laid in wrinkles, “crow’s feet” are formed, later transformed into deep folds.

The skin around the eyes is strongly influenced by environmental factors: ultraviolet radiation, wind, dry air.

Long-term vision stress, for example, work at the computer, also adversely affects the condition of the thin integument of the periorbital region.

Factors that enhance early formation of wrinkles are: active facial expression, dry skin, lack of sleep, smoking, a state of chronic fatigue and stress.

It is impossible to change the structure of the skin, but it is quite possible to preserve its youth with the use of modern methods.

The possibilities of Botox in the smoothing of wrinkles around the eyes. Injections of preparations based on botulinum toxin contribute to relaxation of the circular muscle of the eye and its elongation.

The skin is straightened, mimic wrinkles under the lower eyelids and in the corners of the eyes disappear, the depth of the creases, if any, decreases.

Botox Around Eyes Can Smooth Out The Wrinkles

With the help of injections, you can raise the outer edges of the eyebrows, which will make the look open, and the facial expression is younger.

Description of the procedure

Before the introduction of the drug, the doctor determines the lines of the greatest activity of the eye muscles and marks the sites of the injections with the help of a marker.

The first point is placed at a distance of about one centimeter from the outer corner of the eye. Then the patient is asked to squint, if wrinkles appear above or below the first mark, additional points are applied. There is a danger of too close to the introduction of the drug, which can cause it to hang over, so the expert’s experience should not cause doubts. It is worthwhile in advance to look at the document confirming the qualification of the doctor.

Botox Is An Ideal Option For Patients Who Want To Avoid Surgery

To carry out Botox injections, disposable syringes are used with a thin, short needle, the length of which does not exceed 1.25 cm. Botox microdoses is injected directly into the muscle at a shallow depth. It is necessary to perform about 4-6 injections with a total dose of no more than 16 ED symmetrically on each side.

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and takes no more than 15-20 minutes. For a more accurate introduction of the needle, a portable electromyograph is used. This device measures the electrical activity of the muscles, the maximum of which occurs in the place of spasm, where it is required to introduce botulinum toxin.

Immediately after the procedure, nothing happens, the face remains the same, as the effect of the drug begins in a few days and the effect increases gradually. On the puncture site, small bruises can remain from the damage caused by the needle of the blood vessel. If you apply ice cubes to them, they quickly pass.

Can You Have Botox Around Eyes

How to behave before and after the procedure?

  • In a few days, you need to cancel the intake of alcohol, reduce to a minimum the number of cigarettes and coffee consumption.
  • It is undesirable to take antibiotics of the aminoglycoside series and drugs that dilute the blood.
  • The positive result will last as long as possible, if after the procedure:
  • At least a day, do not touch the place of injections with hands and do not apply the cream to the punctured area.
  • Do not bend and take a horizontal position for 3-4 hours, so as not to disturb the line of injection.
  • As often as possible, frown your eyebrows and squint to maximize the distribution of the drug in the muscle.
  • To avoid swelling during the week, restrict intake of liquids, alcohol, especially beer, spicy and salty foods.
  • For two weeks, postpone the visit to the solarium, saunas, as the heat helps the removal of botulinum toxin from the body and reduces its duration.
  • It is not recommended during the period of the drug to perform manual massage, microcurrent and myostimulation, to inject injections of B vitamins, as they contribute to rapid removal of the drug from the body. Chemical peeling can be done only after a month.

Effect duration

Within a week, the transmission of a nerve impulse causing a contraction of muscle is gradually stopped. It stretches, the skin is straightened, fine wrinkles disappear completely, and the deep ones become less pronounced. Its peak effect of botulinum toxin reaches two weeks later and lasts from 4 to 6 months. During this time, the tissues remember their new relaxed state and the subsequent introduction will preserve the effect of the drug for a longer period (up to 8 months). It should be noted that the procedure should be conducted no more than 2 times a year, otherwise excess doses of toxin can cause the formation of antibodies in the body and provoke immunity to the action of the drug.

Contraindications and possible consequences

In addition to small hematomas in puncture sites, after injections, ptosis of the eyelids can be observed.

The cosmetologist can correct this by introducing additional microdoses into the appropriate muscles or, conversely, to help the rapid withdrawal of the drug with the help of physiotherapy methods.

Can You Have Botox Around Your Eyes

In the case of a permanent problem with edema of the eyelids, injections into the eye area do not recommend.

The circular muscle of the eye has a draining function, and the impossibility of its reduction exacerbates the swelling.

When strong myopia is not advised to do injections of botulinum toxin around the eyes. There is a widespread view that a complete rejection of eye muscle contraction can cause further deterioration of vision.

Botox, Dysport or Xeomin?

Although these drugs are based on the same toxin, there are some differences between them:

Concentration. Approximately three Disport units correspond to one unit of Botox and Xeomin. This means that 15-20 units of Botox or 45-60 ED of Disport will be needed to process the eye zone. Visible effect from Disport comes on the second day, from Botox not earlier than four days later. The final result is achieved in two weeks in both cases.

Dysport has a cumulative effect, with each procedure it needs less. Xeomin is not addictive, since it does not contain structure-forming proteins responsible for the formation of antibodies. The effect of Xeomin’s action is more natural than that of Botox, but less resistant.

The high degree of diffusion of the Disport, which facilitates its penetration into neighboring muscles, in insufficiently qualified hands can lead to ptosis of the upper eyelids and overhanging of the eyebrows. Botox to remove “crow’s feet” is more preferable.

The final choice of a suitable preparation remains for the doctor-cosmetologist, who can analyze the situation as a whole for each patient.

Alternative techniques

Thermage. Radio wave treatment of deep layers of skin, stimulating the production of its own collagen. Helps to eliminate wrinkles and tighten the skin. The result is visible immediately, the result is preserved for several years. Mesotherapy, biorevitalization.

Subcutaneous administration of vitamin cocktails and preparations based on hyaluronic acid. This well removes facial wrinkles, but can not cope with the deep. Carboxytherapy. Subcutaneous administration of carbon dioxide perfectly tightens the skin and significantly smoothes out even the deepest wrinkles.

Botulinum-containing creams. Of course, they are not so effective, but it is a real help to those who are afraid of injections.

The best result is achieved by a combination of different techniques. For example, injections of botulinum toxins in combination with biorevitalization and carboxytherapy give a powerful rejuvenating effect and relieve overhanging eyelids.

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