Bad Reviews About Botox

– I had botox in February 2017. After having it I would get waves of sickness (nausea, tired, weird feeling in head) that would pass. This went away within a week.

I just got botox on July 16 and feel horrible. Right after having the shots I was dizzy and had double vision.

The doctor said this was not from the botox. I had to drive home with one eye closed in order to see. I went home and iced it and could see okay within 45 minutes.

Very scary. Now starting on Sunday,7/25, I got ill with flu like symptoms. My stomach hurts, my head is in a fog (almost like I’m hung over), I’m weak, had trouble sleeping, not too hungry. I called my doctor and they said no, not from botox. I had an antibiotic and started taking it.

69 Year Old Woman Treated With Botox With Dr. William Marshall Guy, MD, The Woodlands Facial Plastic Surgeon

– Your body is responding to the foreign substance Botox. Your body is trying to fight off the invader. You may start to feel better and have another round of Botox. I did for 3 years and then it happens….it hits so hard your body is done. Cant take it anymore. Now I suffer with breathing issues that has disrupted my life. And Anxiety that comes on for no reason. What can we do to recover?
I have gone gluten free – gluten can trigger responses in the body. Please all of you make sure you are getting EFA – I would stay away from fish oil (due to mercury) research EFA (UDO’s Oil or Hemp Oil has the perfect ratio) We need these essential fatty acids for repair. Drink Lot of water. The EFA have helped me tremendously – My hair was falling out, my hormones were completely effected, my entire nervous system was disrupted. I am getting better. Read the book Fats that Heal and Fats that kill. Don’t ever trust the FDA or Phama company – they are keeping us from healing ourselves.

Botulinum Toxin For Forehead

– Same thing happened to me, anxiety so bad I’ve been to the ER twice with panic attacks. Xanax is helping with the anxiety, plus Prevacid for my stomach. I too want to know if this is going to last 3+ mos. Oh yeah, I got a sinus infection too. No more Botox for me!!!

– same thing happened to me….day 6 of injections and my heart beats rapidly, dry mouth, anxiety-ended up in ER. Flu like symptoms, upset stomach-you name it. Will never put this poison in my body again. I pray it doesn’t get worse within the weeks to come. I think the nurse who injected me gave me too much, especially for my first time (48 units forehead/crows feet), injected incorrectly, or mixed the Botox solution wrong. They are out to get money and don’t care about our health. Next time I will trust my instincts!

Botulinum Toxin Frown Lines Before And After

– I’m at four months and am still experiencing brain fog, anxiety, depression, muscle aches, dizziness, etc. I want this poison out of my system!!

– I have just had my 1st botox injection after trying every treatment under the sun for cervical dystonia and i feel shocking, dizzy, anxiety, heart palpitations and my neck and shoulders ache terribly!!
Specialist said i might get a dry mouth and that was all?? He injected 200units. Never again!!!

– it has now been over 6 months now since I was injected. My quality of life has seriously been compromised since I received Botox.
I’ve been suffering with a super bad sinus infection since August (I’m currently on my 7th antibiotic). I truly believe that I would not have this sinus infection (or such a serve one) if I had not gotten the Botox. I still suffer from anxiety. The muscles in my face, eyes, fore head sometimes feels sore and heavy. Still have swallowing issues, etc.

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I never had any of these symptoms/problems prior to the Botox. It’s crazy how some women experience absolutely no side effects, and other women suffer miserably, like we have! 🙁

– It has been almost five months for me, and I agree that my quality of life has also been severely compromised because of Botox. I have the same symptoms as you plus neck, shoulder, and back pain. My brain is in a fog, almost dreamlike state. The anxiety is daily, and I feel emotionally numb. I will NEVER get this poison again!

– it has been a nightmare for me. I just want to feel “normal” again, at least what WAS my normal. I still don’t feel right, and it’s beyond the 4-6 months that they say it stays in your system. I’m still suffering from a horrible sinus infection as the last round of antibiotics did not help. I don’t know why we had to be the unlucky few to react so negatively to the botox. I’m happy 2016 is over with, but so far, 2017 has been too promising as of yet! I’m trying to stay positive and look at the good things in life. But without your health, it’s hard to do that. Really makes me realize how precious ones health is, especially when it is compromised.

19 Year Old Woman Treated With Botox By Dr Ramandeep Sidhu, MD, Issaquah Vascular Surgeon

– I have the same symptoms that everyone is describing…..I am only at about 95 days but am not getting better at all!

– No More Botox! I want to feel “normal” again. I’ve spent so much money an acupuncture, doctors’s visits, etc. to try to get myself well. My vision is blurry, I am still anxious and depressed, I am dizzy, and my back, neck, and shoulders ache like crazy! I get a strange pressure in my head almost like my brain is moving. I’ve been assure by people on other sites that this will go away, but it could take a year. A year!! I don’t remember signing a consent form that said Botox could take a year of my life away from me. I’m a mom and need to be there for my son. How can I do this when my emotions are so distorted?? I hate this and wish I had never heard of Botox. Too many people are suffering because of this horrible product.

49-year-old Woman Treated With Botox. With Dr Eric Swanson, MD, Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

– This past year, from May 25th, 2016 to January 21, 2017 has been horrible (to put it lightly). I’m always sick with something and simply never feeling right.
I still have really bad anxiety along with a plethora of other ailments.
My sinuses are still infected. Have you had your sinuses checked out (CT-scan, mri or xray)? Maybe you have a sinus infection-it may be the culprit for the pressure in your head that you are experiencing. For me, the Botox either caused the sinus infection, or has made it worse. I had an MRI done because of tingling/numbness in the face which alerted my doctor of my sinusitis (I’ve never had a sinus infection prior to the Botox in my life). A few months later I had a CT scan after trying a bunch of different antibiotics without success, and the CT scan showed that the sinus infection was still present but had moved to my maxillary sinuses and my left frontal sinus (I knew nothing about the sinuses until my infection appeared).

43 Year Old Woman Treated With Botox By Doctor Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS, West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

I was pretty darn healthy before the Botox, no known allergies or anything. So I now consider Botox an allergy of mine-for sure. If and when I see a commercial or an advertisement for Botox, I literally feel like I’m going to have a panic attack because of the hell I’ve been through!!!
I guess this May, I should feel normal again? Well, at least that is my hope since it will be one year later.
Was the acupuncture any help?
My regular doctor and I had a running joke that he would make automatic weekly appointments for me since I was seeing him so much…Part of the problem is incompetent doctors, lack of experience, and so on. They care more about their paycheck then our health.
The spa where I was injected with this crap, closed and moved overseas! From what I hear, it had nothing to do with customer complaints/issues…but it sure made me wonder…
As a mom, alone right now while my husband is deployed, this experience has been incredibly lonely and scary. I feel like crying most days, especially for the fact that I’ve not been able to enjoy most my son’s first year of life. Because of the Botox side effects, I was not able to be the best mom as I was constantly plagued with stress, fear and lack of patience. I feel bad for my kids and hopefully I can make it up to them one day for being a sick and miserable mess for the past 8 months!

Bad Botox Injection Stories

I had 48 units for the first, and last time, in my forehead and crows feet.
I’m much better than I was, but I am still suffering from heart issues now, sinusitis and a plethora of other ailments. I’ve been so many different docs and had about a 7 referrals to different specialists. I was healthy before I was injected and now I’m not. You will get better, it just takes time. Each day that passes is another day that the toxin is leaving your body…slowly but surely!

– Got Botox 6 weeks ago and haven’t been healthy since. Started with flu-like symptoms the same day. Since then I have developed hives, been to the ER twice. Once for hives then because my throat was very swollen. Bad head aches and sinus pain. Pressure over my ears Just don’t feel well. Seems like the Botox lowered my immune system.So I then had an allergic reaction to something I usually wouldn’t been allergic too.

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Seen many doctors and no one thinks it’s from the Botox but I was fine until then. I feel like I can feel it in my body,like poison.

– The Botox didn’t wear off for me until around 6 months after the injections. It depends on the person though as it has to be metabolized out of your system.
All the doctors you see will likely be stumped to hear that Botox was and is the culprit to your systems. Since such a reaction is rare to Botox, it’s hard to believe. But all of us sufferers on this site know without a doubt that is the Botox causing us all this pain and torture.
A toxin was put into our bodies, so our bodies are reacting in a way to defend itself against it.

38 Year Old Man Treated With Botox With Doctor Luis M. Rios Jr., MD, Edinburg Plastic Surgeon

– Did anyone experience sensitive and painful skin from the Botox? I am having skin and muscle pain from it (feels like nerve pain), and also an internal hotness. It has been 3 months for me…..has anyone else had these symptoms?

– I had hives everywhere. Took 8-9 weeks to get rid of. Was on antihistamine (2 types)and a cortisone cream. Carry an epi pen now all the time

– I am feeling very much like flu symptoms too! but my chest hurts and it’s hard to really breath… back feels like it went out and i cant workout today….I feel very run down and all I wanna do is lay down. Im so nervous that i want to go to the ER myself right now!

– I just got it done 2 days ago and have been feeling nausea and dizziness. I thought it was because I hadn’t eaten well or slept enough. maybe it is the botox. I already have sinus problems, but they were pre-existing so I don’t know if I could attribute that to the botox, especially since the santa ana winds just started blowing. However, if I don’t feel well in a couple of days, I am never getting it again!

– I only received 4 units of Botox – first time user – and I have had severe reactions…….I am at 8.5 months and still having symptoms – however I have been seeing improvements in the last months. I am just not sure if the amount you have makes a difference…..I am more inclined to wonder about the quality of Botox injected…..or our immune systems at the time of injections or possibly just our bodies allergic reaction to this substance….like any other medication – some people can take it and some can’t.

– For 11 years I have received 100 units of Botox every 3 months.
I have blepharospasm, a focal dystonia it makes my eyes snap fork ly shut, makes me functionally blind. This began at age 43. Out of the blue. It has no cure & Botox is the drug of choice for treating it. I have probably had every side effect named I’n everyone post, I’n the Dystonia community it called Botox Flu. Not at all rare. I was injected 12 days ago. Botox peaks( begins to work around day 6).. Makes sense why so many start feeling bad a out a week later. Right now my eyes are swollen and at half mast, a have headache and body aches and my bead feels foggy. This is the usual for me after routine I jr toons for 11 hrs.. Around week 3 the side effects will almost e gone & I will have if lucky a out one month of normal time before my dystonia starts actingup again. That one month of good time is the ONLY reason I keep getting injected.. Yes, Allergan has their pretty ads but in truth Otis the deadliest toxin known to man if My dystonia went I’n remission & I would never want Botox for cosmetic reasons, ever!! Some people with various dystonia have stopped getting it do to serious side effects, like inability to swallow, muscle weakness which we sure don’t need. With muscles that are not working properly to begin with. I am I’n contact with alot over 400 people that get Botox likeI do. I do not know of one who does not feel worse before feeling better, after Botox. Yes. It does have side effects, many. If you look it up I’m Physicians Desk Reference( PDR) it also shows studies done,, don’t ever let a Dr tell you Botox or any med does not have side effects, all do! You can also report side effects directly to Allergan, I have I’n the past & they were actually very concerned and sent me and my doc forms to feel out.

– I also receive Botox every three months for a neurological disease (cervical dystonia) that appeared and changed my life forever. I was glad to see that Dee posted this because I think people need to know that Botox is a very important drug to many of us. It is the only thing that gives me my life back. I am suffering right now through the horrible flu like symptoms, anxiety, etc. All of these side effects I have read about people having ARE from the Botox. I have to say that I am outraged that the medical community even allows this treatment to be used for cosmetic purposes. I am now friends with many dystonia patients who have to suffer through these side effects to relieve some of the pain and suffering that Dystonia causes. We are thankful for Botox but I always feel sad when I hear that people use it for cosmetic purposes because it is a Toxin or poison. I suppose I am preaching to the choir at this point. I wish you all well and I am sorry that you are experiencing these symptoms. Please don’t ever let any Doctor tell you that these symptoms are not related to the Botox. They are because I came upon your post researching my symptoms once again. Of course in my case, many of these side effects outweigh the pain and tremors caused by the disease that has come into my life. Also, I do believe that you will get better. It will take some time and I know that you are angry for losing so much time but just remember that you will get better and maybe you could be using the knowledge that you have to teach your daughters that having poison injected into your skin is not more important than your health!

– I have never had a problem before with botox until today. I have flu like symptoms, diziness, and body aches. I am not sure if this is botox or the beginning of the flu but the reason why I replied to your posting, is that after 3 months, I think you should check what you are eating. Make sure you are eating enough protein, and veggies and fruits. I would cut out wheat, barley, anything with gluten. I have a feeling that you are gluten intolerant.

– I’m new to this Botox horror and I am suffering terrible nasal blockage and sinus stuff. I’m just wondering if you ever got better as far as the nasal blockage goes? I’m really scared that I will never be normal again.

– I am one week from being four months post injections and I’m having a lot of nose and sinus swelling. I wonder if it will ever go away.

– I am sorry for your problems with blepharospasm but clearly you have not had every side effect of botox listed or you would be dead. Yes there are significant numbers of reported deaths despite what Allergan says. Just check out the FDA reports. Now speaking as a victim I am also now over 6 years out from getting botulism from botox injections and I can guarantee you if you had a single symptom I have had you would never ever do it again. I am still disabled and was a very productive strong educated hard working mother prior. Botox completely destroyed my life in every way not to mention the horrid muscle weakness and neuropathy that I live with everyday now. So the symptoms you have had I assure you are nothing compared to what some of these victims are living with.

– I’m currently lying in bed in a terrible state after having Botox on my frown lines just 3 days ago. I started with flu like symptoms and a sore neck/throat/back and headache. I went to a&e this morning but the nurse said that it won’t be the botox and I just have a virus. I think that they are wrong. As soon as I had the botox I haven’t felt right and I’m convinced that it’s somehow effected my emune system and has made me react like this. I’m sweating aching all over and my throat feels like its closing up. Not to mention my pounding headaches. I hope that this won’t last much longer as I have 2 small kids to look after and hardly no help at all. Its the 3rd time I’ve had Botox and this is the first time this has happened to me and reading the other comments on here has convinced me that the doctors clearly don’t know enough about the side effects yet and I was sent home after being told it wasn’t anything to do with the Botox. I’m not going to get Botox again because I couldn’t handle feeling this way again and so I will have to grow old gracefully!

Botox By Dr Thomas J. Walker, MD, Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

– I just got Botox last wednesday and was alarmed to start getting strange needle like shooting pains just above my joints in my hands and elbows…this moved to the back of my neck, along with pressure on my lungs and anxiety attacks
Saturday i got way worse and profoundly tired, i fell asleep at a traffic light! ,
I realized I was in trouble with a reaction to Botox….I did not want to go get cortisone shots so got out my Zapper and started using it wherever I felt the pain…it literally started clearing my head and relieving the symptoms within 20 minutes,however the Botox “reaction” is pretty agressive and I had to keep moving the Zapper all over my body.( just type Zapper in google and you will find them…the basic little black box super zapper works best… puts out a frequency that jams the frequency of pathogens, for real, I have been using it for colds and flus for years., everything has a frequency, even the derivative they use to make Botox…..
I know it was working because my forehead, which was pretty numb the night before, was looser by morning and I could move my eyebrows again…too bad about the treatment but I do not know how sick I would be if not for the zapper! I am writing about this in case someof the long term sufferers can get some relief from this? I am still having to “zap” to maintain right now, still neck pain comes back till I put the zapper on it again …just move it to where you feel the shooting pains, even the bottoms of your feet…and good luck all!

– I had my first Botox treatment 2 weeks ago and my flu-like symptoms started with 5 days. This is week 2 and I think I am getting worst. I have throbbing head and extreme headache, blurry vision serious eye pain, anxiety, numbness in face. Some symptoms seem to get better while other get worse or new ones appear.

– i have had my botox for 4 weeks and have felt terrible. it started 5 days after my botox, and i had low fever and just weak tired and no energy. i know it is the botox. i went back to the doctor that injected me and he said just like the one above that it is a coincidence. i think not. i am never sick and always have excess energy. i will never do this again if i get well. the fever is gone but i still have no energy

– i had botox to my forehead 4 days ago…and so far i have experienced diziness, drooping on both lids…heavier on the rt eye…chills,and alot of anxiety…i heard after a week it should leave..i hope so…