How To Prevent Aging Eyes?

Making Aging Eyes Younger Looking

I believe a combination therapy approach works best. We have had excellent results using an initial course of ultherapy and fraxel.

This serves to improve the elasticity and “tighten” the under eye skin. This is followed with PRP/ micro needling which further stimulates collagen remodeling.

Finally, if additional volume is needed, a small amount of filler may be injected into the area. Maintenance with regular Botox treatments and medical grade skin care products will serve to preserve the results and keep you looking younger.(Robert H. Cohen, MD, Los Angeles Physician)

Eyelid Rejuvenation

Botox is very good at eliminating crows feet. Dermal fillers are great in eliminating the hollowness below the eyelids. Lasers and Ultherapy work well to improve the elasticity of the lower eyelid skin. All three treatment types can be used alone or in combination depending upon your appearance and desired result.

Anti-Aging Eye Routine

In addition, using good quality medical grade skin products can dramatically improve your appearance. (David Schlessinger, MD, Long Island Oculoplastic Surgeon)

Botox injections help treating wrinkles caused by facial expression. The most common treated areas are the crow’s feet, frown lines and forehead wrinkles. If you have seen great results with your previous Botox treatment, you can certainly have the area retreated as Botox last 3 to 4 months on average.

It will also prevent the wrinkles / lines from becoming worse over time. Dermal fillers are best at treating the hollow under the eyes. I recommend seeing an expert in your area for a proper consultation and treatment plan. (Alain Michon, MD, Ottawa Physician)

If you’re thinking about filler under the eyes, this is called tear trough treatment if you want to search for more information and as a specialised treatment it’s important that you seek a qualified & experienced injector.

How Do Eyes Change With Age

Botox around the eyes is possible to and many patients choose to have don every 2/4 months (Kambiz Golchin, MBBS, FRCS (Eng), FRCS(ORL-HNS), London Facial Plastic Surgeon)

Crows feet can be softened with Botox and the slight tension between the eyebrows(concentration lines or 11’s) can be reduced.

If your concern is more around the skin laxity and texture of the upper and lower eyelids and some excess skin creating eye heaviness or hooding, you could try Botox first to see if you are happy with that.

If you’d like more improvement, my recommendation would be to look at fractional resurfacing. We use Halo laser around the eyes to improve this area. It’s important to see someone who has a lot of experience with skin care and lasers.

Make My Eyes Look Younger

Sunscreen, retinols and antioxidants are important components of a preventive approach to your concerns around aging. (Harpreet Lotay, MD, Kamloops Physician)

Botox/Dysport will soften the dynamic lines around the eyes known as crow’s feet.

I would combine this with a good at home skincare regimen. It’s important to remember that Botox/Dysport results are not permanent. The treatments needs to be repeated every 3-4 months on average. (Shaun Patel, MD, Miami Physician)

The Microdroplet Lift lifts the eyebrows without freezing the forehead. (Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD, Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon)

Botox or fillers under the eyes

Botox is a purified protein used to address wrinkles associated with facial expression. However Botox can be used to address the crow’s feet seen around the eyes when one smiles and the small lines seen under the eyes when one smiles. For my patients with hollowing under the eyes I recommend fillers such as Volbella.

Protect Them From The Sun

If one enjoys the results of a Botox treatment, it can certainly be repeated every three to four months. If there is still a deficit in terms of hollowing under the eyes, fillers can be used either in combination with or independently of Botox. (Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD, Encino Physician)

Botox versus fillers

If you were able to achieve the result you were looking for with the Botox, I would stick with that on a regular basis. Other treatments that can be performed around the eyes include microneedling, micronized fat injections, PRP and fillers.

I personally like the ALMI procedure which involves micronizing fat to isolate regenerative cells and then injecting in a process very similar to injecting a dermal filler. This results in a long lasting outcome with no downtime. (Richard E. Moore, MD, Saint Louis Physician)