Does Botox Get Rid Of Wrinkles On Forehead?

Yes, the best treatment for forehead lines is Botox. I suggest that you get Botox every 3 months.

You’ll notice the lines will gradually start to soften. If you’re not satisfied with the results, a very soft dermal filler can be injected by an experienced cosmetic physician.

The combination of Botox and soft dermal filler in the forehead is outstanding! (Haneef Alibhai, MD, Vancouver Physician)

I would recommend starting with botox injections and that will soften the lines on your forehead. I would also recommend starting on a good skin care regimen as well (retinols, peels, vitamin C) in order to keep your skin healthy and to minimize environmental damage. (Alan B. Brackup, MD, FACS, Philadelphia Oculoplastic Surgeon)

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Options for improving forehead lines

It is important to understand the difference between ‘static’ lines and ‘dynamic’ lines on the face. Static lines are creases in the skin that are present constantly or fixed while dynamic lines occur with movement or facial expression.

Botox or comparable ‘neuromodulators’ like Dysport or Xeomin, when used appropriately and by an experienced professional, directly reduce facial muscle over activity and will reduce or eliminate many undesirable dynamic lines. If the lines are fixed or present without facial expression, then other aesthetic treatment options may be considered.

Please be sure to consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, dermatologist or ophthalmologist who has proven results with injectable treatments. (Frank Barone, MD, Toledo Plastic Surgeon)

Yes, muscle relaxers are the very best way to decrease movement in your frontalis muscle resulting in smoothing of lines. You are so wise to consider treatment with Botox and/or Dysport, both of which are termed “neuromodulators” or muscle relaxers, while at your young age as prevention.

Get Rid Of Deep Wrinkles Without Using Surgery

The mechanism of action for both Botox and Dysport is very similar so you most likely would not see a difference in results between the two of them. Typically, results are dependent on the dilution of the neuromodulator, how the neuromodulator is placed, and the technique of the physician performing the treatment.

It is best to consult with a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who has extensive experience and training in this field. (Kristine Romine, MD, Phoenix Dermatologic Surgeon)

You may have static wrinkles, which are wrinkles that are noticeable even when there are no facial muscle movements. Botox will soften the wrinkles but will not make them disappear completely. (Anteneh Roba, MD, Fairfax Physician)

Botox will only prevent you from accentuating these lines when you wrinkle your forehead. CO2 laser resurfacing by a skilled and experienced doctor will give you thebest AND longest lasting results. (John Louis Ratz, MD, Lagrange Dermatologist)

How To Fight Forehead Wrinkles

A combination of Botox style neuromodulators and collagen producing treatments like micronnedling would be the best choice of treatments for your forehead. (Darab Hormozi, MD, Towson Oculoplastic Surgeon)

Botox is great at treating dynamic wrinkles. It will also prevent the lines from getting worse over time. Combining Botox treatment with micro-needling and a good skin care regimen will give you optimal results. (Alain Michon, MD, Ottawa Physician)

Botox is the best way. Although you would also benefit from skin care and sun protection. Microneedling and chemical peels can also reverse sun damage. (Aldo Guerra, MD, Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon)

Botox to the forehead is a very common treatment. This relaxes the frontalis muscle underneath the skin of the forehead and helps smooth out dynamic lines. The effects of botox last around 3 or so months and then the muscle begins to recover.

What Causes Forehead Wrinkles To Appear

This would be a good place to start. (Jordan P. Sand, MD, Spokane Facial Plastic Surgeon)

The lines in the upper forehead is not a superficial lines. Therefore botox will not completely take care of these lines but if done properly, it will soften.

Also, there are other treatment that recommended with botox such as skin resurfacing, using fillers in combination with botox. (Nabil Abudayeh, MD, Fremont Physician)

Forehead rhytides

These forehead wrinkles could certainly benefit from Botox/Dysport to relax the muscles that contract your forehead muscles. Since they are pretty deep, you may also consider doing some laser resurfacing treatments (2-3) to soften the lines.

Make sure to keep up the Botox/Dysport so the lines don’t reappear. (Gabriel Chiu, DO, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon)

Small doses can be used to soften the lines, without changing your eyebrow position. (Peter N. Butler, MD, FACS, Pensacola Plastic Surgeon)